Divorce lawyer for men

Divorce lawyer for men
Divorce lawyer for men

The need for a lawyer

A lawyer is a person that possesses great knowledge in the ways of law and knows how to deal with matters related to law. A lawyer accompanies their client in the court to try to prove their client’s side of the story to the judge – the authority that decides other people’s fate in the court. The only reason why you would need a men’s divorce attorney is if you needed a divorce but just couldn’t get into proper terms with your wife. Men’s divorce attorney may help you find peace, and help you reach a situation with your now ex-wife where you can both be happy with the splits.

Because of the money, the matter of property, and children involved after divorce, it can get quite hectic trying to figure everything out on your own. A divorce lawyer for men can help in dire situations like this one.

Rules for divorce lawyers

There is an almost infinite number of rules for divorce lawyers in any country. Because there are different rules for divorce depending on the religion, sect, state, and even the county, it is impossible to list them all anywhere. This is why you should be getting a divorce lawyer.
Here are some of the rules that all divorce lawyers have to follow:

Things cannot be settled until the judge consents

The divorce between a couple cannot be settled until both parties are willing to settle on something common between both of them. This, and the fact that divorce is only possible when the judge says the matter has been settled.

The Divorce Rules for Men

Grounds for divorce

There are a few grounds that will allow you to divorce your spouse. Some of these grounds are sexual harassment, adultery, alcoholism, violence in any form domestically, imprisonment, and mental abuse. Other factors can be discussed with your men’s divorce attorney. And be sure to remember, it’s not only the woman who can give a divorce.

Alimony in a divorce

If a couple marries under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, only the wife gets permanent alimony after the divorce. However, if you and your wife do decide to get divorced with mutual consent, you can decide which partner will get alimony and maintenance. If no one can decide on who gets the alimony, the court will decide the matter legally. This is where you might need a men’s divorce attorney.

Child custody

Child custody depends from case to case, but in most cases, the wife gets to keep the child. If you think that your child will not be safe with your mother, or you have a similar case, a good men’s right divorce lawyer might be able to listen to your case and get you what is best for your family. In most scenarios like this one, both parents get mutual custody until the child grows up to be independent.


Because there are so many laws related to divorce, you are better off finding a divorce lawyer instead of trying to handle everything yourself. It will end on your better behalf.